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Nutrition & Diabetes Education

Nutrition Services

Medical Nutrition Therapy at South Shore Medical Center is provided by our Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Emily Dionne who delivers comprehensive, specialized, and practical approaches to nutrition counseling. SSMC’s Dietitian provides individualized medical nutrition therapy that supports the prevention and management of a number of chronic diseases including:

Our Dietitian works closely with your primary care providers to provide the highest standard of care. Your PCP or other advanced practice clinician may refer you to the Nutrition Department. Many health insurance plans cover visits with a Registered Dietitian. However, we advise you to check with your plan to confirm the details of your coverage, prior to your scheduled appointment. Be sure to specifically inquire about coverage for Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Our Nutrition Department offers targeted nutrition therapy for weight management and a number of chronic diseases (including Diabetes), in a small group setting. These sessions are highly valuable and individualized to meet the unique needs of all patients in attendance. The Nutritionist may recommend additional 1-on-1 coaching, in conjunction with these group sessions. Visit the Patient Education & Classes section of our website for more information on these groups.

Quick Tips from Our Nutrition Department (click links below to play the videos)

Meeting Your Physical Activity Needs

Steps to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol

Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists


Provider Location
Emily Dionne, MS, RD, LDN Longwater Place

Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education Accreditation ProgramSince 2013, South Shore Medical Center has been named an accredited diabetes education program by the American Association of Diabetes Educators. This affiliation allows patients at South Shore Medical Center increased access to critical diabetes education services.

Our Certified Diabetes Educators teach and support people affected by diabetes and pre-diabetes to understand and manage the conditions, and promote self-management to achieve individualized behavioral and treatment goals. They work closely with other diabetes management specialists in the Endocrinology Department to provide effective and individualized coordinated care.

At South Shore Medical Center we hold a Diabetes Support Group on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm, at our 143 Longwater Drive location (in the Patient Resource Room). This group is free for all patients with a SSMC primary care provider. Diabetes is a lifelong disease and involves much time and attention. Join our monthly Diabetes Support Group, moderated by our Certified Diabetes Educators, for open discussions about the challenges of living with diabetes. No registration required! Please call 781-261-4758 or email with any questions.

Certified Diabetes Educators


Provider Location
Kerry Ovalle, MS, RCEP, CDE Longwater Place

Additional Nutrition and Educational Resources

Visit our nutrition and healthy lifestyle website (Shape Your Future), to access a variety of nutrition resources, printable meal plans, educational materials specific to a range of different medical conditions, and much more.

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